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Professional supplier for liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor.

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High Performance, Superior Quality and Lowest Cost Greentech Standard Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump meet all of the international standards.

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In additional, multiple worldwide voltages and frequencies are supplied as standard.



professional supplier for liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor


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Quality Assurance

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Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Greentech Vacuum Pump Co., Ltd is the professional supplier for liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor.
As a pioneer in vacuum pump field, the company has its own professional technical center, advanced equipment, foundry and machining workshop, assembling workshop and test center. Assure our products high quality, the company carry out 100% performance testing for all orders. Our strict quality control system and process guarantee that our products are produced according to the highest industrial standards, include casting material inspection, casting dimension inspection, welded part material inspection, dye penetrant inspection for welded parts, machining dimension inspection, balance testing for rotor, hydraulic pressure testing for casing and cover, dimension inspection for all finished parts before assembling.

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We hope that will improve the quality of its range. Higher growth is limited by 24 hours day, and reluctance to hand the lack of top enterprise. Over the past two months we have modernized production, purchase a machine that will allow to work faster

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Greentech reputation is good, pay attention to product quality, in the pre-sale after sale are to give us very big support, high-quality products so that the use of Greentech customers are very at ease.


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