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GVP3 liquid ring vacuum pump

GVP3 series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are designed and manufactured by our company integrating with the advanced technology abroad. They are not only can save energy, but also can work constantly for a long time.

Under the rough vacuum situation, the requirements for the liquid ring vacuum pumps are very rigorous. So the GVP3 series products are designed for pumping various gases. They are widely used in many industries, such as, the paper, mine, power station, chemical etc.

GVP3 series products can be driven with many different sets, such as, the V-belt, synchronal motor, gear box etc. In order to save space, more than two or at most four sets of the GVP3 series pumps can be driven by one motor simultaneously.

When set a middle wall in the casing, the pressure tolerance between the two sides is lower than 80kPa and the two parts can work in different vacuum status respectively. Thus one pump can work well like two. Hereby the product operating flexibility is improved effectively. 

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