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liquid ring vacuum pump

Greentech Vacuum Pump Co., Ltd is the professional supplier for liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor.

As a pioneer in vacuum pump field, the company has its own professional technical center, advanced equipment, foundry and machining workshop, assembling workshop and test center. Assure our products high quality, the company carry out 100% performance testing for all orders. Our strict quality control system and process guarantee that our products are produced according to the highest industrial standards, include casting material inspection, casting dimension inspection, welded part material inspection, dye penetrant inspection for welded parts, machining dimension inspection, balance testing for rotor, hydraulic pressure testing for casing and cover, dimension inspection for all finished parts before assembling.

Due to our high quality and competitive price, our pump are widely used for original Siemens and Nash pump replacement in Mining industry, Electric power industry, petro chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, environment industry, food and beverage industry, Marine industry and other general industry process.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing high quality products and after sales supports. Welcome clients to contact us and establish business relation ship.

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